Christian Education

Getting a Christian Education is one of the most important keys in any follower of Christ. 

We at Positive Impact Ministries believe that having a great biblical education is never ending, as we help your to develop your relationship with Christ.

Our classes start at 9:45am each Sunday morning and we offer classes for several groups, youth, singles, seniors, couples, etc.

Leading for Purpose

  • We are centered on God’s Word as given to us in the Bible and through creation
  • are mission focused, integrating a clearly articulated biblical mission into practice and program
  • develop clear, school-wide educational goals for their students, picturing for the community how they will partner with parents, churches, and the Christian community in nurturing disciples for Jesus Christ
  • understand that true learning and wisdom can only occur within a worldview that acknowledges that every square inch of creation belongs to God and we are called to partner with him in restoring his lordship
  • are governed well, directed by policies, and meet legal requirements
  • have written procedures for accountability to stakeholders and the community, practicing them with integrity
  • ensure that all staff are highly qualified and passionate about Christ and Christian school excellence

Teaching for Learning

  • serve the educational needs of every student they enroll, personalizing instruction to prepare each student for God’s unique call on his or her life
  • have a well-planned written curriculum designed to meet the needs of every enrolled student
  • articulate a biblical perspective that is woven into curriculum and instruction
  • align their curriculum with their Christ-centered mission and with well-researched external standards
  • engage students in active, creative, joyful learning
  • utilize multiple measures of assessment of learning to assure they are meeting their mission and the needs of their students

Learning in Community

  • are led by a gifted staff with a thorough knowledge of curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • are intentional about the faith development of students
  • desire mutual accountability and collaboration among staff members, parents, and the community
  • integrate best educational practices, real-world technology, and honest assessment for improving instruction
  • employ and continually provide professional training for highly qualified, skilled, and gifted teachers
  • hold teachers and staff to skillful communication with students, parents, and community

Serving in Community

  • believe that parents hold the ultimate responsibility for the education of their children and the worldview in which children learn to see God and his call on their lives
  • establish a climate characterized by personal nurture, Christ-like care, and the love of Jesus
  • model Christian community in school climate, worship, and service
  • seek healthy, God-honoring relationships among students, board, faculty, staff, parents, and community
  • seek ways to be lights for Christ in the broader community
  • provide safe environments and facilities that support Christian education and instruction

For more information on our Christian Education ministry, please contact Elder Naomi Gill or Assistant Christian Education Coordinator - Evangelist Daphne Moore.

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