Women's Ministry

Welcome to the Women's Ministry!

Our vision of Women’s Ministry is rooted in the commandment that Jesus gives us in Matthew 22:
Love God-Love others
All that we do and the programs we plan are sifted through these two requirements — will this class, or this event, or this project inspire you to love God more and love others more because of your involvement? Will your involvement in something within Women’s Ministry lead to transformation, obedience, and action? That’s our goal.

We are all on the same path to follow Christ, to know His word, and to serve Him with our lives. And we know that we are not meant to be alone on this narrow road — community is an essential ingredient to an authentic relationship with Jesus. That’s why we’re here.
We meet every month on the 3rd Saturday at 10am. Contact us to learn more about joining our women's ministry. 

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